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Acritelli, Richard 22.1 R
Ball, Catherine 21.1 R
Barons, Richard 21.1 R
Bergman, Jonathan 21.2 A
Bernstein, David 23.2A
Bolton, Charla 23.2A
Boussios, Athanassia 22.1 R
Boussios, Emanuel 22.1 R
Broven, John 23.1 A
Buffett, Neil 21.1 A
Burgess, Judith 23.2A
Burrows, Edwin 22.2 A
Campani, Frances 21.2 R
Cavaioli, Frank 21.1 A
23.1 A
Coplin, Jenna 23.2 A
Fleming, Geoffrey 21.1 R
Gimple, Howard 21.2 R
Gish, Noel 21.1 A
Griswold, Mac 21.1 R
Harrison, Helen 21.1 R
Jackson-Abidally, Telma 23.2A
Kelly, Barbara 21.2 R
Kroessler, Jeffrey 22.1 A
Lannon, Kiernan 22.2 R
Lewis, Robert 23.2A
Matthews, Christopher 23.2 A
May, Hilary 23.1 A
McGovern, Alison Manfra 22.1 A
Metcalf, Reginald 23.2A
Naylor, Natalie 21.2 R
Patnode, Stephen 23.2 A
Rava, Ross 23.2 A
Ruff, Joshua 22.1 R
21.1 A
Russell, Barbara 22.1 R
Ryan, Richard 21.2 R
Sandford, Ann 22.2 A
Sanfilippo, Stephen 22.1 A
Schäfer, Wolf 21.1 A
Schwarting, Michael 21.2 R
Shaffer, Ryan 21.2 A
Silverman, David 23.2R
Staudt, John 21.1 R
Strong, John 21.2 A
Swanson, L. 21.1 R
Taylor, Durahn 23.1 R
Tiedemann, Joseph 21.1 A
Tyler, Beverly 23.1 R
Weigold, Marilyn 21.2 R
Wheeler, Ross
21.1 R 23.1 R
Wynn, Lt. Col. Gregory 22.2 R

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